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There was once a very lonely girl in a very sinful world.
She walked in a sinful world that needed help the most.
to find souls and save them all.
but she saw no souls that she could save
as all of those she saw lost their souls.
The very lonely girl decided to convince those
souls that she could help them all.
But all the souls she tried to help lost their souls
and could no longer be helped anymore.
As years passed by the very lonely girl
gave up in search of souls, but spread the word
that she could save their souls and hoped those souls would
find her to safe their souls.
Then one day that very lonely girl vanished as her time had
ended in the very sinful world as no one cared for her word.
But one day those souls searched
high and low and could not find the very lonely girl.
They discover that she had lived a long time ago, but died alone
due to her losing her soul in the very sinful world
But was given a second change to gain her soul
by saving all the souls in the very sinful world
and so after knowing her goal.
Those with souls hope one day the very lonely girl will return
and save their souls from the very sinful world.

There's now a happy girl who lives in a very innocent world.
is about a girl who is trying to safe others
Second try at poetry so it may be bad, but I am trying by re-writing this poem.
I apologyze for any missing words or bad spelling.
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February 9, 2013
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